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Grace Ji-Sun Kim hosts conversations about religion and culture from the virtual madang, the world's outdoor living room

Episode 34: Theologian Mitri Raheb, author of Decolonizing Palestine

A conversation with theologian Mitri Raheb about current conditions in Palestine, Christian Zionism, Biblical interpretation, and more

Episode 33: Poet and public speaker Kaitlin Curtice, author of Living Resistance

A conversation with poet and public speaker Kaitlin Curtice about embracing cyclical thinking, deconstructing faith, Mother Earth, and more

Episode 32: Robert P. Jones, author of The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy

A conversation with Robert P. Jones about the Doctrine of Discovery, the 1920 lynching of three Black men, the entitlement behind European chosenness, and more

Episode 31: environmental activist Bill McKibben, author of The Flag, the Cross and the Station Wagon

A conversation with Bill McKibben about climate change, the wealth gap, spiritual formation, and more

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