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In Search Of

Amy Frykholm searches for voices and ideas to inform and expand a life of faith. 

Love and desolation: The story of Matushka Olga Michael with Meagan Saliashvili (S3:E7)

“Blessed Olga said, ‘God can create great beauty out of complete desolation.’”

The story never meant to be told: The suppressed history of African American religious women with Shannen Dee Williams (S3:E6)

“When confronted with the silenced past, the greatest responsibility of the historian—and the most radical thing any person can do—is to tell the story that was never meant to be told.” 

Who wrote the Bible?: Enslaved people and the New Testament with Candida Moss (S3:E5)

“Once we accept biblical collaboration as fact and recognize its participants as oppressed human beings who nevertheless had agency, we are forced to confront a truth that can be unsettling to some readers of scripture: that the meaning of the Bible is fluid.”

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