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Amy Frykholm searches for voices and ideas to inform and expand a life of faith. 

In Search of Interspiritual Truth: An Interview with John Thatamanil (S2:E8)

“If I’m truly, as a Christian, to affirm that core affirmation that God so loved the world, then divine disclosure must be happening far beyond the boundaries of the Christian tradition.”

In Search of Truth: Journalism with Dawn Araujo-Hawkins (S2:E7)

“The job of a journalist is to call a spade a spade. If something is racist, if it’s homophobic, if it’s xenophobic, it’s our job to say that . . . to be as explicit as we can about it.”

In Search of Truth: Physics with Zeeya Merali (S2:E6)

“I went there originally to go and speak to him about his ideas for the origins of space and time, but in the back of my mind, I wanted to ask him about his practices meditating, just as an aside maybe.”

In Search of Truth: Dreams with Rodger Kamenetz (S2:E5)

“Our dreams give us a template so that we can begin to live with awe and wonder and pain and terror in waking life.”

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