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There’s Something about Mary Magdalene, with Elizabeth Schrader Polczer and Diana Butler Bass (S3:E1)

“What if the text was changed to suppress Mary Magdalene as not only the first witness of Jesus in John 20, but as the Christological confessor, which would make her a central character in the Gospel of John? Not one of several women, but a central character.”

Welcome to In Search Of, a podcast where we go in search of voices and perspectives that inform and expand a life of faith. Mary Magdalene is one of the most central women in the Christian tradition, yet we are gradually discovering that we may never have known her at all. In this episode Elizabeth Schrader Polczer and Diana Butler Bass talk about the implications of Polczer’s research on Mary Magdalene and what it means for our own moment in Christianity, as well as how these two scholars from radically different fields combined powers to get Mary’s story out there. All this and more on this episode of In Search Of. A transcript of this episode can be found here.



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