In Search Of


A podcast about searching but not always finding, hosted by Amy Frykholm.

“We can’t have a 100 percent completely accurate representation of the past. We’re always going to have some kind of imperfect rendering that still insists on deriving meaning from the past. My sense is that it’s not feasible or desirable to do away with myths. But I think we need better ones and maybe more conversation between myths.”
March 1, 2023
“The more I saw in myself, the deeper I went into myself, the deeper I was able to go in the Gospel. It almost felt like the Gospel was showing a wound in the text to me. It felt like a very, almost tender, invitation, saying well, let me show you this. It felt sort of like an invitation saying, can you help?”
February 22, 2023
“For me, the most important thing in the entire world is connecting people with their sense of what is holy. It’s really important to me that people find their own personal connection. I’m a mystic who wants to teach people how to be mystics, how to engage that relationship with the Holy Other.”
April 20, 2022
“I love this process of searching because oftentimes, we end up finding what we’re looking for but not in the way that we imagined when we started the process—not how we originally thought we would find God.”
March 23, 2022