Other people saying things

May 7, 2015

"My friend, do you think liberation theology is a political party and I am its general secretary?"

"I was stunned. But not because Morgan lost his cool with the cop. I was stunned that it had taken him so long to do so."

"There was a bright blue Siamese fighting fish in a Mason jar in a corner of the one-bedroom apartment where Ms. Ren lived with her cousin and four other adults. It rested on a table made from a broken cabinet door. Its name was July, after the month she was told she would finally earn a wage."

"Anywhere you turn in the 'best interests of the child' direction, there are benefits of same-sex marriage staring you in the face."

"Like TED, Q features the kind of talks that have you sagely nodding your head at 'big ideas' and then immediately wondering, Wait, did that person actually say anything?"

"I do less harm to people of color than I used to."

"Please do not pray for me unless you are willing to walk with me."

I noticed there are some things you haven’t done in your career. Can you explain why you haven’t done them, even though I consider them to be more important than the things you personally prefer to do?”

"The developer of something called Fart Watch—which basically turns your iPhone into a whoopie cushion controlled by your Apple Watch because who cares if someone sits on your iPhone and breaks it, you have Apple Watch now—recently sent a juicy, fragrant tip to the Apple fan site Cult Of Mac saying that Apple had rejected its app."

"Let's celebrate with whatever doesn't taste disgusting."

"It is certainly not caused by rich people / Owning almost every single thing."