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Other people saying things

"If Ross's argument enjoys the virtue of sobriety, it is still injured by the vice of being wrong."

"ISIS is doing nothing that wasn’t widely done in the United States to black people until well within living memory."

Of all the things I could have been in society’s collective consciousness, it never struck me that I’d end up a brutal nadir.”

"I had an early inkling that there was fun to be had over the hill, like the feeling when faced with a sunset that someone’s throwing a mega awesome party just beyond the nearest cloud."

"Unfortunately, 'good for journalism' does not necessarily mean 'good for journalists.'"

"Soft rock, hard rock, psychedelic pop. I got nothing against any of that stuff, but after all, it is called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Billy Lee Riley is not there."

"He must have a really cool mom."

"I didn’t have a child’s car seat, but certainly this was safer than leaving her sitting on that bench with temperatures in the teens."

"The price of being a stay-at-home mom is not so easy to evaluate until after you have paid it."

"I considered the sex to be the least offensive part of the movie."

"This week — February 8, to be exact — can be called the 100th birthday of the medium that many of us have spent our lives enthralled with: the feature film. But don’t expect any parades."

"By far the most polished segment of the document details the sweetheart deals the three countries will roll out for international investors."

"The only other German figure which matches Luther’s strong sales is the German painter and artist Albrecht Düreranother, whose toy sold 80,000 pieces over three years."

"You must tell them the angels no longer veil their faces in awe of the Almighty, but out of indignation at Catholic singing."

"Wake me up when a bridge collapses."

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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