Other people saying things

February 5, 2015

"The 'all too often' could just as well be 'almost always.'"

"The Mormons who participate in these mixed-orientation relationships increasingly appeal to ideas of sexuality that are similar to postmodern theories of sexual fluidity."

"Those of us born in the first half of the 1980s are different from those born in the ’90s and even the late ’80s, because we were at different points in our lives for two significant events."

"All I could hear was a symphony of coughing and sneezing and crying and wailing.”

"Her offer was innocent enough but it met, in me, a feisty conviction that there was already enough of me on that altar."

"Choosing public education – even in a troubled school district – is my Christian act of hope, justice, and redemption."

"The big question in state/local government is how to spend middle class people's money wisely on services that are better provided collectively than on the free market. But the big question in the federal government is how much money to redistribute from the rich/young/healthy to the poor/old/sick. These are totally different questions, and Jeb isn't even bothering to answer the second one."

"As I weighed being a good person against being a safe woman, a car slammed on its brakes on the street."

"Instead of buying one Power Bar, the young princess bought hundreds and went up to the registered dropped a few hundred dollar bills and then walked away."

"The phone jack in my office is a vestige of a time when the state invested in higher education."

"There I go again! I’m arguing. I’m not pretending like the opinion that I disagree with does not exist."