Other people saying things

January 15, 2015

"Charlie Hebdo's biggest problem isn't racism, it's punching down."

"At the very least, we can expect our cliches to be true. We need to stop claiming that we have a massively redistributive government."

"It should have been obvious that America was only a titan of oil production because another country was letting us be."

"The most important part of fighting existential threats is determining if they are real, preferably by simple majority."

"When do we say no to piling horror upon horror?"

"There’s a difference between the First Amendment rights of ordinary citizens and those of public officials."

"No one person’s narrative trumps another, no matter how transcendent a genius the first person is."

"The 'golden age of television' has been brilliant for the growth of the drama of action, but has struggled to support the drama of emotions."