Other people saying things

October 10, 2014

"The real-life adult answer would have acknowledged that (a) we don't have the capability to save Kobani, and (b) our NATO ally Turkey has chosen not to save Kobani. Neither of these is something that the American public is really prepared to digest."

"Who is Christ in the scenario? Who are the followers of Christ?"

"That is something I learned in Advanced Placement United States History. The uncensored version."

"It is a privilege to experience political differences as differences of opinion rather than differences of power."

"I know sunshine enthusiasts have their equivalent pleasures: chilled drinks on a beach with friend, say. And they probably imagine they’re just as good. They are wrong."

"One wanted to build a church, the other wanted to make money. They ended up making Illinois."

"When you’re young you think that everyone’s family is like yours. Everyone goes to church twice a Sunday; everyone loses pregnancies."

"Use of the home was donated by an unnamed member of a Dallas church."

"It’s revealed itself to be a sneaky condemnation of pretty much every institution under capitalism. Marriage is one of those institutions, of course. And so is television."