In the World

Other people saying things

"It is neither Islamic, nor is it a state."

"That utopian philanthrocapitalist democracy that Bono is always stumping for will also be a place where your belongings will be chosen for you."

"Some people will get sacked now, because we need this to be a problem of individual malfeasance."

"Instead of trying to collect this debt, the group makes it disappear."

"Real names can be hard to remember and disconcertingly humanizing, like when you go to a fancy restaurant and they serve your fish with the head still on."

"His faith continued to shape him however, as he recited the Psalter as he disemboweled and quartered for his sedition."

"For $60, they can take home a teddy bear implanted with the recording."

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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