Other people saying things

September 12, 2014

"At the same time that the twin towers were falling, there were people having toothaches."

"What are we saying about ourselves when we place (black) women’s pain under a microscope only to better consume the full kaleidoscope of their suffering?"

"What did people think it looked like when a football player knocked out a much smaller woman? Like a fair fight?"

"It didn't cross my mind that God might hate abuse, too."

"If she wanted a serene family life, she would have to learn to give Josh what he wanted from their marriage and thereby help him control his temper."

"When a gunnery sergeant tells you to take off your clothes, you better take off your clothes. You don't ask questions."

"He does not want to be the only doctor I am willing to trust."

"I want it to be impossible for people to say, ‘TFA? They're just cultural tourists.'"

"Why aren’t the same people who called out Joseph Kony demanding accountability from the Ferguson Polic Department?"

"Whether the courtesy is itself a good thing—something that would be a real loss if it were curtailed or forbidden—does not enter into the problem as planners frame it."

"She didn’t shoot for the moon unless she knew she already had it."

"Is beauty the same thing as boom boom? I just feel like we need a clear taxonomy before we go into the bridge."

"I hate sharing the tracks with the train."

"Ruth turned 6 years old today. She will be starting first grade soon. Happy Birthday Ruth. We love you. Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash."