Other people saying things

July 3, 2014

"What does it say about Christianity in America that this is the most creative challenge followers of Jesus are able to bring before the Court at such a time as this?"

"Little Caesar’s argued that the persecution of Christians and the feeding of them to ravenous big cats was a 'deeply held' religious belief."

"My IUD is saving my sanity, my family, my life."

"We believe that being in relationship with the American Jewish communities in authentic ways are central to our Christian values and our shared religious history. We recognize the hurt that these decisions have caused."

"Reforming (or gutting) tenure laws might make it easier to weed out bad teachers, but it does nothing to address the underlying ability of segregated schools to attract and retain strong teachers."

"Avoiding a direct confrontation with the party’s power, he contends, gives the party the political space to become something better."

"In both instances, marriage has been relegated to secondary status."

"He was wicked—pure and simple. And 2 million–plus people have wasted time because of it."

"He raised a hand, which told me to shut up. And he said three words: 'It was awful.'"

"If your breasts become painfully engorged or hard to the touch from skipping feedings, take comfort in knowing that you're doing this for mankind's comfort level. Formula is also available and not expensive."

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