Other people saying things

June 20, 2014

"When a teacher briefly focuses attention on a particular student, it comes with the heat and intensity of a spotlight. A moment the teacher barely remembers might stick with the student for years."

"Referring to the plutocratic and pro-New Deal media as accepting the “inevitability” of Big Business being balanced by Big Government, Nader points out that the southern agrarian conservatives of the 1930s had a real alternative."

"Disruptive innovation as an explanation for how change happens is everywhere. Ideas that come from business schools are exceptionally well marketed." 

"Why aren't progressive churches sending reading materiel to prisons?"

"If you think that 2+2 = 5 but also that 4+4 =7 then if someone asks you “what is 2+2+4+4?” you will say “12” and be correct, but for two wrong reasons."

“We will even share one academic gown.”

"Even the feeling of shame that I need to be on medication has been lessened by the medication."

"Oh jeez, make sure you accuse of worshiping Mary too so I can fill out my bingo card."

"Somebody or something is doing me harm, so make up your mind: Is this a part of God's plan, or did He delegate it to somebody else?"

"Entrepreneur Barbie is also, Mattel informs us, 'smart.' We have to take the company's word for it, since Barbie neither moves nor talks."

"I wonder what it's like to be a housekeeper. I bet it's really interesting and authentic, probably."

"'Yo' appears to mean something in between 'Yes dear,' 'I love you,' 'Not now dear,' and 'Why did we get married in the first place.'"