Other people saying things

June 13, 2014

"This is not leadership. This is rape culture, abuse apology, and re-victimization under the guise of education and grace."

"The first time someone hits you, you can almost convince yourself you imagined it."

"No, scientists didn't unanimously say, 'We're going to have another ice age.'"

"Four politely refused, flashing guns under their belts and announcing that city police would have to earn their paychecks. The rest agreed to join."

"When I visited two of the VA’s four state-of-the-art, breathtakingly advanced polytrauma units, in Palo Alto and Minneapolis, there was hardly a patient to be found."

"Sometimes these people possess a rare gift of insight and kindness, but more often, they're being cruel and disguising it as some sort of lame superpower."

"Do press secretaries dodge? Sure. But then again, if you ask whether the president still has confidence in Eric Shinseki...what do you expect? It's a dumb question."

"At the time, I thought I was too tall or too plain or too K-Mart in my style. Now I know I was just weird."

"My street is dark and placid, but I can see the baskets torn off bikes. They do things like that."

"The successful applicant will have at least 25 books on topics ranging from the history of Silicon Valley to the biography of microprocessing to interviews with entrepreneurs to the history of human and mechanical memory."

"Do you remember having actual friends? It was awful. You couldn't tap people's faces to make them go away."

"Don't be Google."

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