Other people saying things

May 23, 2014

"The kind of trenchant racism to which black people have persistently been subjected can never be defeated by making its victims more respectable. The essence of American racism is disrespect."

"How do you know that you don't like racism if you haven't even tried it?"

"I used to be a director of product management, and I would have fired a product manager working for me who unloaded 500 words of bellyaching about why BuzzFeed does what it does with apparently no clue that the reason is his own product."

"She had taught our children a shameless view of cancer and of death. But she couldn't answer a question about testicles?"

"I don't expect her to complete me. I am who I am, and she is who she is."

“Let’s talk the day after tomorrow after I know what powers I have and what powers I don’t have.”

"Pulling the short short onto the other leg implicitly dismantles these sexist structures."

"Midway through the journey of our life, I have found myself within a dark wood, for the right way had been lost. Rub your employment all over me. "

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