Other people saying things

May 9, 2014

"The kidnapped girls were both Christian and Muslim; their only offense, it seems, was attending school."

"Kennedy lets common sense waft him along. Kagan thinks harder."

"In October, Dowd called Lewinsky a dingbat. Then, in November, she decreed that Lewinsky's 15 minutes were up."

"Professors 'ignored requests from women and minorities at a higher rate than requests from white males.'"

"When a trim, handsome guy like Joel McHale repeatedly mocks a fat man for being fat on national television, it's not speaking truth to power."

"While there’s room for disagreement about what’s pro-Israel, to assert that J Street is less representative of the rank and file of the Jewish community than, say, Young Israel, is nonsense."

"Why isn’t the 99 percent in open revolt? The answer lies in part because the top 1 percent have done an excellent job disguising the upward transfer of wealth by making the rest of us feel better off than we actually are while enriching themselves in the process."

“When you have this motley group of many denominations, this independent environment, and then this distortion of scripture, that’s an environment where abuse can flourish,” Tchividjian says. “But we’ve never been forced to deal with it on a Protestant-wide basis.”

"No one is saying you shouldn't be proud of working hard or running so fast; all we're really asking for is that you admit that maybe having two legs fucking helped a little bit."

"A machine that grabs the earth by metail rails and rotates it until the part you want is near you."