Other people saying things

April 4, 2014

"The past failure of socialism and the current growing sense that something is amiss in our current economic system should spur us on to consider possibilities associated with a third way—that old alternative that has sparked the imagination of so many Catholic minds."

"Teaching Sunday school wasn't just a research ploy."

"Be right back."

"'Thank God I don’t make millions filming one movie per year' is what I say to myself pretty much every morning as I wait on a windy Metro-North platform, about to begin my 45-minute commute into the city."

"The greatest thing that happened to Television Without Pity the entire time I worked there was that Aaron Sorkin got so mad at us that he wrote an entire B-plot of The West Wing about internet forums with draconian moderators (that was us!), in which a character hypothesized that such people are probably 'women in muu-muus smoking Parliaments.' We found this almost intoxicatingly delightful."

"If I gave my kids Post-its with instructions to write down what they were grateful for they’d write 'butts' on every single page and I’d end up yelling."

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