Other people saying things

March 21, 2014

"In Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston , Charlotte and many other cities, I’ve seen predominantly white, wealthy suburban churches take an imperialistic glance at the urban center, decide that they are called to 'take back the city' and then proceed with all of the honor and finesse of a military invasion."

"It's amazing how many things in American health policy over the next decade are going to be problematic because Martha Coakley ran a bad Senate campaign."

"Like most stereotypes, the myth of gay affluence is greatly exaggerated."

"These new sites have a real chance to change journalism — both the way it’s written and the people who write it. There won’t and can’t be one without the other."

"The fixation on the papacy trivializes the faith of Catholics, the vast majority of whom throughout history have had little knowledge of, and no contact with, any pope."

"When you prevent a whole class of people from building wealth, accessing capital, or leaving impoverished areas, you guarantee cultural dysfunction and deep, generational poverty. When it comes to inner-city poverty—we built that."

"Grabbing a croissant and an americano every morning from the same group of downwardly mobile performer-bohemians is the perfect test case for the creative class’s ideal of semi-anonymous community."

"[As] Alex Tabarook of Marginal Revolution recently noted, people don’t go to the barricades for minor causes or slight improvements. But I would argue they are less likely to go to the barricades for important causes if they exist in a constant high-strung state of pseudo-outrage. It makes it too hard to separate the real from the fake."

"I have no opinion on whether or not you are Miss Congeniality or the biggest jerk in your program. I don’t have to sit in the same classes or share an office with you (yet)."

"Is Beyoncé a feminist? Is she a womanist? I don't know. To me she is a cyborg."

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