Other people saying things

November 1, 2013

"Just where did Adbusters get its defining philosophy? Why was it always so obsessed with ads and consumerism, while hardly focusing on class dynamics until the financial crisis?"

"You’re a wonderful talker but on the page you sometimes let your style get ahead of what you actually think. In putting the words 'aesthetically' and 'disruption' in the same sentence, you come perilously close to saying that violence can be beautiful. Do keep an eye on that."

"Although baseball is America’s pastime, it works by Italian law."

"My brother Jim was no abstraction. He was not an issue to be debated. He was a sweet, gentle and loving young man."

"I have college freshmen in my worship course who know nothing of the 'worship wars' from the 1990’s, much less of the Jesus Movement of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s."

"He lives in Texas and has no cognizance of the equestrian causation of pants. God help his credulous scholastic listeners."

"17 Things That Will Be Outlawed Now That Women Can Vote"