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October 11, 2013

"I intend to honor Bartolomé de las Casas, and proclaim Columbus Day to hereby be known as Bartolomé Day."

"Right now most conservative white local notables in the South and elsewhere in the country don’t want black and Latino support. They would rather disenfranchise blacks and Latinos than compete for their votes. And they would rather dismantle the federal government than surrender their local power and privilege."

"Rather than doing the right thing and voting 'yes,' Obama has decided to make a 'no' vote and then deliver a speech denouncing George W. Bush's fiscal policy. But he's not organizing a filibuster. The fact that the bill passed the Senate 52-48 is a huge tell."

"Do not fall prey to that fatal political syllogism:1. Something must be done. 2. This is something. 3. Therefore, this must be done."

"The president's opening remarks and the Q-and-A that followed failed to yield any major news—but it did, however, produce a long list of analogies that ranged from the common (House Republicans are acting like hostage-takers) to the, um, more creative (Republicans are like video game-loving homeowners who demand perks for paying their mortgage)."

“We’re not going to be disrespected... We have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

"Because of the stud/slut sexual double standard, men who have been abused by women and girls often feel ashamed to come forward and seek help."

"When you accidentally step on somebody else's foot, you do not make your good intentions the focus of the episode... You don't get annoyed with the person you stepped on because you caused her pain or declare that she is too sensitive or defend yourself by explaining that you meant to step to the left of her foot."

"Goaded on by small-is-good gospel, plenty of people have adopted a Manichean view of modern US farming: large, soulless corporate enterprises on one side, human-scale, artisanal operations on the other... Reality is a lot more complicated. While there are plenty of mega-corporations in the food industry, they rarely do the actual farming themselves."

"We don't need video games to desensitize us to violence; real life is desensitizing us just fine on its own."

"The idea of a meal before an execution is compassionate or perverse, depending on your perspective, but it contains an inherently curious paradox: marking the end of a life with the stuff that sustains it seems at once laden with meaning and beside the point."

"The Ecumenimisol is concentrated in only one server. The Blorg's."

"As kale becomes more and more popular, it raises the question: how will we feed the world’s almost 9 billion people on kale?"

"Slices can be purchased from refrigerated vending machines located in all CTA stations and will feature an edible magnetic strip."

"Johnny Cash has been everywhere, man."

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