Other people saying things

September 13, 2013

"There was a man there Ben had only read about: a man said to run death squads in El Salvador. That made Ben’s decision easier. He chose the girl."

"As a Christian, I am only allowed to define myself in terms of the God I am for, not the other Christians I am against. Know, however, that the God I am for is for you."

"The truth is, all of us are a little bit 'like that.' When I am honest with myself, I know I still hold stereotypes and participate in systems of oppression. The 'us vs. them' narrative in the NALT framework erases people who are still on their journey toward inclusion."

"Zimmerman’s pattern for violence had already been established: trolling a neighborhood for his victim, pushing her when confronted, attacking her character, and arguing that she was the aggressor when charges were filed against him."

"It's more than a little concerning that we have almost 13 times as many studies on how to stop bullying as we do on how to stop terrorism."

"If your ad says you’re looking for a worship leader whose style is like Chris Tomlin or David Crowder, what you’re saying is, 'we won’t hire anyone who isn’t a White male guitarist.'"

"How many of these [stop and frisk] stops have occurred in Chicago? And are we having the same problems with race that New York identified? The true answer is nobody really knows."

"It’s actually cheaper for taxpayers to give homeless people housing at Fort Lyon than to leave them on the streets."

"Who isn't in this room, and how does their absence limit our capacity to answer questions about poverty and violence?"

"I watched Death stand over her body. He entered as a quiet, respectful gentleman, calmly carrying out his assignment."

"The authors calculate that if the region's farmers can act collectively and cut their water use 20 percent now, their farms would produce less and generate lower profits in the short term, but could sustain corn and beef farming in the area into the next century. And that would be great. But I think it's also worth asking what, exactly, they'd be sustaining."

"Everyone assumes the Smiths are more or less immortal and will always be good for it. They're the wealthiest, most dependable family in a neighborhood full of upstarts and imploding Greek restaurants. Plus they have all those tanks."

"You’re not just selling donuts, you’re selling authentic, artisanal, handcrafted donuts. Actually, you’re purveying them."

"Oh, phew. In that case I guess I'll go back to teaching chemistry."

"Jesus said that God 'sends rain on the just and on the unjust.' A professing Christian who believes in the water cycle thinks Jesus was lying."