Other people saying things

September 6, 2013

"When Q service and local B service was restored an hour and 24 minutes later, the cats still had not been captured."

"Indeed, the great sin of the political-communications complex isn’t that it’s driving Washington’s dysfunctions but that it’s obscuring the true drivers of those dysfunctions."

"Even though Francis is fond of using the informal 'tu' in conversation, stick with the formal 'lei' but don’t overdo it with exaggerated titles like 'magnificent.'”

"There’s no question that men who take controversial positions in the media come in for loud and vigorous criticism. Women who do so, however, can expect rape threats."

"No one ever compared the two men's fingerprints and matched them through the vast national computer database. Had they been checked, a routine law enforcement practice when a felony suspect is apprehended, it could have taken just hours to show that Kerry was the wrong man."

"I continued the act throughout the conference, throughout my second masters, and a little bit into my first year as a doctoral student at Vanderbilt. But this wasn’t a performance I could sustain."

"The pastor is exactly the wrong person to bring innovation into an existing church."

"You unlike our new batch of words. The Oxford Dictionary isn't supposed to girl crush on Urban Dictionary. We're supposed to be a gateway for the future of language, not some linguistic omnishambles for Generation Twerk."

"I adore the Onion, and count on the AV Club to tell me what I like, so I beseech its writers: Please do not turn into a hivemind version of Andy Borowitz, telling liberals that what they already think is not only true but oh-so-arch."

"'Slow it down there, Scott!' a cheering squad yelled."

"Statute Forbidding Any One to Annoy or Unduly Injure the Freshmen."

"We don't know what we want to do, we won't do much, and it doesn't matter when we do it. Who's with me?"

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