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August 23, 2013

"The situation is no longer about being pro-former President Mohamed Morsi or pro-General Abd El-Fattah El-Sisi. It’s not about Muslim Brotherhood (MB) supporters versus military supporters. The reasons Egyptians are killing each other and burning the country down are deeper and more complex than anything we’ve ever seen before."

"They want to make discord between us and they think we will fight each other because of what they’re doing. Let them come now to see how we stand united."

"Russia has joined international calls for UN investigators to be allowed access to the site of an alleged chemical weapons massacre."

"American Bible Society intends to make .BIBLE domain names available to individuals and groups who have a healthy respect for the Bible."

"I haven’t said or written much publicly about the shooting that nearly killed me in 2008."

"The 2010 Census records a population of 308,745,538 for the United States, which this map divides into 50 states, each with a population of about 6,175,000."

"Urologists 'referred a substantially higher percentage of their prostate cancer patients' to radiation therapy when the doctors owned the equipment — linear accelerators — or had financial ties to those who provided the treatment, the report said."

"You’ve got Noonan saying that the Community First Choice program is the reason people hate Obamacare even though she seems to want something exactly like the CFC program to exist. You’ve got Perry asking the Obama administration for $100 million from a program created as part of Obamacare even as he swears the program isn’t Obamacare."

"It’s a new day for healthcare coverage in Kentucky," thanks to Obamacare / the Affordable Care Act / the ACA / health-care reform.

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