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August 16, 2013

“'Be safe and keep up the good work,' the city marshal wrote to [Office Barry] Washington, following a raft of complaints from out-of-town drivers who claimed that they had been stopped in Tenaha and stripped of cash, valuables, and, in at least one case, an infant child, without clear evidence of contraband."

"Without buy-in from the Brotherhood, there can be no democratic transition in Egypt. And after Black Wednesday, there is unlikely to be such buy-in, perhaps for a very long time."

"Helping the White House keep its promise."

"At best, we can hope to waste tens of billions of dollars on further enforcement in return for a lengthy and complicated path to citizenship. At worst, we’ll do nothing."

"While middle-class people like Earl and Jan are throwing money at their intimate relationships to keep them stable, working-class people like Cindy and Megan have been priced out of the institution."

"The paper finds 'no evidence of substantial changes in sexual behavior that would support the proposition that there is a new or pervasive ‘hookup culture’ among contemporary college students.'”

"We now knew that the worst whupping you could get was the playing-fart-games-in-Catholic-church whupping. We figured it was our mothers’ way of keeping us out of black gangs, black prisons, black clinics, black cemeteries and white neighborhoods."

"Time and again, my white students write that 'everybody's equal' is the 'most important' thing their parents taught them about race. Time and again, a not-insignificant number of them then proceed to describe their present trepidation about...[some situation] that reveals how deeply and clearly these students know this 'most important teaching' doesn't mean a hell of a lot to their actual white experience."

"One might say that orange has long been black."

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