Other people saying things

August 9, 2013

"Collusion isn't allowed even in a good cause. But collusion is necessary to make progress. So the only way to square this circle is via a privileged actor who's legally allowed to collude."

"While $15 might sound like a big jump, it's still not enough to meet living wage standards in many areas."

"Just because an unfalsifiable proposition seems conveniently conducive to the interests of very rich people doesn't mean it's false. But it sure seems false to me."

"This would seem to require; (1) that there is a program out there monitoring seemingly random Google searches by American citizens, (2) that this program allows the government to track IP addresses, or obtain them from Google by some means, and (3) that they were then able to connect the IP address to a home address, presumably with information obtained from whichever company happens to provide the Catalano’s with their internet access."

"It never fails to utterly astonish me that, even with all of my familiarity, even with all the Sword Drills and the Memorization Contests and AWANA and the constant stream of 'the Bible says…' that I really had no idea what it actually says."

"“At WeCARE they are very professional in not listening to you.”

"AppleScript is protestant with a lower-case 'p,' as iOS and much of OS X is catholic with a lower-case 'c.'”

"This is the last Slate article that will refer to the Washington NFL team as the Redskins."

""In case you were wondering, all farmers—everywhere—get up at precisely 4:30."

"We have so many Tea Party readers and followers. To lose all zero of them due to our September cover would be devastating."