Other people saying things

August 2, 2013

“It was an ugly display and a sad day for California. But more than that, it was a reminder that we must begin to seriously consider the values of our thuggish white youth.”

“The Senate’s top tax writers have promised their colleagues 50 years worth of secrecy in exchange for suggestions on what deductions and credits to preserve in tax reform.”

Should you encounter a Brogressive in the wild, do not look him in the eye.”

“Cape Ann Fresh Catch, the country’s largest community supported fishery, does essentially the same thing, but with fish.”

“I find it amusing when theological conservatives suggest that theological liberalism is the cause of declining numbers in mainline churches – but then go on to emphasize that the truth is often unpopular.”

“What this feels like to me is that the people with all the power and the privilege also want the ‘privilege’ of being oppressed.”

“When Hollywood tackles race directly, it’s usually by way of uplifting allegories like ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,’ ‘Crash’ and ‘The Help,’ each of which, in its own way, perpetuates the consoling idea that eradicating racism is simply a matter of purging our negative prejudices.”

“The House fully supports a broad immigration bill that includes a path to citizenship to immigrants who can sit down at a shiny Steinway piano, close their eyes, and move audiences to tears.”

“What business you got talking about my family’s clams?”

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