"The term 'black on black' crime is a destructive, racialized colloquialism that perpetuates an idea that blacks are somehow more prone to violence. This is untrue and fully verifiable by FBI, DOJ and census data."

"Smiley and West appear to be two egocentric men who believe they alone are the face of black intellectualism. And any black talking heads who don't side with them have, in West's words, 'sold their souls.'"

"British royal born in fanciest ward :$15000. Average US birth: billed $30,000; paid $18,000. What's wrong here?"

"41 shaved his head this week to show his solidarity w Patrick, the 2 year-old son of a member of his security detail."

"The Bible is very clear: All abortions must be performed by a priest."

"A meaningless word salad of meaningless words including 'judicial activism' (used wrongly to mean 'I hate her') and 'court packing' (used wrongly to mean 'filling existing vacancies') and 'out of the mainstream' (used wrongly to mean 'pro-women')."

"We are dedicated to providing artistically gifted young people with the resources they need to blossom into entitled, condescending men and women with an inflated sense of self-importance."

"In other movie news, I did not like how easily the boy escaped Jack Nicholson in 'The Shining.' I have solved all the hedge mazes in the United States and Europe, and I can tell you they are not that complicated."

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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