Other people saying things

July 19, 2013

"Dolphin Michael, 61, who retired from the Detroit fire department after 38 years, said he saw it coming, and took action. 'A couple weeks ago, I withdrew all my pension money and put it into a private account,' he said."

"Now, do we look suspicious?"

"Scrabble isn’t a marketing or earnings-report star. It can’t be hyped with an online vote resulting in a cat’s replacing an iron."

"Why are white people so mean?"

"Ask this man to deliver a wedding-reception toast at your peril. He’ll burst through the door on your second anniversary, brimming with quips he wishes he’d made about the bridesmaids’ outfits."

"Wyoming is a place with two escalators; it probably shouldn’t get two senators."

"Why so much parking smack-dab in the middle of Chicago’s Loop, a walkable area that’s well-served by heavy-rail transit and many buses? The culprit is a regulatory scourge."

"If your FAVORITE book is a glorified television show about a boy wizard written for 5-year-olds I’m going to wonder if you know where Afghanistan is.

"The men who participated in this behavior were no more sexist then the men I know now. But they lacked power."

The whole room is silent. The manager, also busted during OWS, says: ‘Sir, if that behavior is repeated here, we’re going to have to ask you not to come in.’”

"Luckily, there is an antidote to the women’s story. It is the story of a woman."

“Do-over! I’m not asking for a pass because I haven’t slept in eight months and I just grew a whole person in my body. It’s all about the music!

"No, I shouldn’t be or have to be a pastor to my family.  But right now, the people I love most in the world are drowning in the greatest darkness we have ever experienced."