Other people saying things

May 24, 2013

“'What are we on my side of the aisle doing?' demanded McCain."

"Stashing some artefacts about can help you to have a little compassion on, and a little curiosity about, those past selves whose chief duty was to become you."

"Now we have California’s [Obamacare premium] rates, and they appear to be significantly less expensive than what forecasters expected."

"The best part of Barbara's interview is, of course, the appearance of her missing dog. He is alive. What is important to note is this: the dog doesn’t come out because of the reporter’s voice."


"I’d like to tell a story about the last half-century, based on studies done with this search engine [of a database of books]. The first element in this story is rising individualism."

"If you’re poor in the Seattle, Atlanta or Chicago regions, you’re more likely than not living outside the city limits."