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January 2024

Volume 141, Issue #1


January 28, Epiphany 4B (Mark 1:21–28)

All those years in scribe school count for nothing when one rustic with charisma comes along! 

January 21, Epiphany 3B (Mark 1:14–20)

The gospels don’t depict John as much of an organization builder.

January 14, Epiphany 2B (John 1:43–51)

Jesus’ word of insight to Nathanael seems a lot like a carnival grift.

January 7, Baptism of the Lord B (Mark 1:4–11)

As if he were working on an assembly line, John dips and raises, dips and raises.

January 6, Epiphany (Matthew 2:1–12)

In welcoming the Magi into her home, Mary opens the door to the whole world.

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