Other people saying things

June 7, 2013

"Group singing and performance can produce satisfying and therapeutic sensations, even when the sound produced by the vocal instrument is of mediocre quality."

"Gilbert's defense argued that the shooting wasn't meant to kill, and that Gilbert's actions were justified, because he believed that sex was included as part of the fee."

"In a lean academic job market with creeping time-to-degree and student debt, graduate education has to change."

"Jesus: 'How do you do?' Thief: 'Not too well, I'm dying.'"

"Pop-rock trio Hanson is raising a toast to its 21st anniversary by launching its own beer, Mmmhops."

"It could be that companies successfully market products to specific demographics that happen to have a partisan leaning. Baby names are different."

"What they're finding shows the profound economic impact of keeping money in town—and how the fate of many communities around the nation and the world increasingly depend on it."

"The sputtering panel put me in mind of how apoplectically male legislators and judges reacted, back at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, to two shocking proposals that started sweeping through the nation."

"I have become so used to seeing the progress of destruction that scanning those images felt like watching a film played backwards."