“People who are experiencing homelessness are people. They are not extras in a movie about you.”

Millions of men stare at Beyonce’s beautiful body all the time without even having a moment of thinking that they get to rape her. Sexual desire doesn’t create rape. The belief that women are property does.”

“Tommy Muska, the mayor [of West], echoed Governor Perry in the view that tougher zoning or fire safety rules would not have saved his town. ‘Monday morning quarterbacking,’ he said.”

“What if Mark Driscoll had a daily television show where he could say anything he wanted? Might we not surmise that before long he would amass a [Pat] Robertson-esque portfolio?”

“But why worry about these people, when the Times has a tattooed and mustachioed dummy and its writers know how to make him speak?”

A man on the road is solitary. A woman on the road is alone. This is not cute wordplay, but a radically different social experience.”

“Had we gotten into a fight that night, every one of us knew how the police would have seen us, and what they would have done. Violence is wrong. Violence done by black men is more wrong.”

“It was said that a copy of The Da Vinci Code had even found its way into the hands of renowned monarch the Queen. He was grateful for his good fortune, and gave thanks every night in his prayers to renowned deity God.” 

“Horse's Big Space Adventure transformed into holding a plastic horse in the air, hoping it would somehow be enjoyable for me. Prehistoric Crazy-Bus Death Ride was just smashing a toy bus full of dinosaurs into the wall while feeling sort of bored and unfulfilled.”

"It’s a household task organizer, a platform for publishing legal documents, and now it’s also a place where Gregorian chant fanatics can hack church music."

That was a pretty racist thing for me to do.”

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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