Leaving on a jet plane that will be in the air for many hours

September 19, 2012

Tonight I leave for a 10-day press tour of Jordan, sponsored by the Jordan Tourism Board. I'm not yet sure how easy/affordable the internet access will be, but I do plan to do at least a little bit of blogging from/about the trip. I've also scheduled some other posts to go up while I'm gone. But things may be slightly lighter than usual, not just here on my blog but also on the Century's group blog, which I edit/manage.

For one thing, the daily "what's new" posts will probably get dropped while I'm away, so visit often or subscribe by feed to see what's new at the Century.

Also, I should disclose before writing anything about the trip that the Jordan Tourism Board is covering most of the expenses, though they are not exercising any control over what in particular any of us writes.

Thanks as always for reading.