The new Century blog

September 15, 2010

Welcome to the Christian Century's new blog, to which we've given the more-descriptive-than-catchy name "Century blog." This replaces our old blog Theolog, which we'll leave up as an archive of our posting prior to July 2010. (More recent archives—including comments—are reposted here.)

Like Theolog, this blog will feature weekly lectionary posts (Blogging toward Sunday), short notes on newish books (On the Shelf) and regular posts by our editors and others on a variety of subjects. In addition, we're inviting some of our favorite bloggers to do "featured blogger" stints here, posting a couple times a week. The first will be Adam J. Copeland, who blogs at A Wee Blether, part of the CCblogs network.

Speaking of the CCblogs network, we'll also use this space to highlight some of the best work coming from that community of outside bloggers. We'll label those posts "From the CCblogs Network" to make it clear that they're reposted from elsewhere. To see just these posts, go to the main CCblogs network page.

Finally, we're going to start requiring registration for commenting. We love when people leave comments, and we don't want to make this more cumbersome. But registered commenters tend to be better about staying on topic and keeping things civil. So we're saying goodbye to anonymous commenting.

If you haven't noticed, this blog is part of a new site for the Century in general. Learn more about our new features here. Thanks for reading.