Welcome to the new Century site

September 15, 2010

Welcome to the new Christian Century Web site. The new christiancentury.org integrates the magazine's online edition with Web-only content and a variety of enhanced features, making it a top destination for those seeking news and commentary on faith, theology, ministry and public life.

The biggest change is that Century subscribers can now log in to read the entire magazine online—shortly after it goes to press. Subscribers can also access our searchable online archives going back to 2002, as well as older archives via EBSCOhost. All current and new subscribers can register for online access at no additional cost; new subscribers can also choose to skip the print edition and go paperless.

The site features plenty of free content as well. Along with selections from each magazine issue, readers can enjoy posts by the editors and others at the Century blog (formerly Theolog) and by a wide variety of outside bloggers at the CCblogs network (formerly at ccblogs.org).

New features make it easier to find and interact with great content. Browse recent articles by date, department or subject matter. Do a full-text search to find what you need, or pull up a list of articles and blog posts by a given author. Choose a lectionary week and see past and present commentary by top preachers and biblical scholars. RSS feeds deliver specific Century content to your feed reader or blogroll. You can now comment on articles, e-mail them to friends and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

The site also points you to the best related content elsewhere on the Web (see the “What We’re Reading” and “Links from the Editors” sidebar features). The new christiancentury.org is a one-stop site for reading and discussion, a hub for all things mainline Christian.


buy from amazon

Your link to Amazon.com appears to be missing on the new webpage.

It's there, though smaller

It's there, though smaller than before. There's a general link under "Support the Christian Century" in the RH sidebar of every page, and individual books have links to both Amazon and IndieBound, a network of independent booksellers and another way to support the Century with book purchases.

To bookmark the main book-buying pages, use these links: Amazon, IndieBound.

Thanks for asking!