It's a Bosscharist!

March 24, 2010

First there was the U2charist,
in which churches invited young folks into their deepest and most
mysterious ritual by building a service around the music of a
30-year-old band (that’s the band, not the members) that occasionally
writes songs with vaguely spiritual themes.

Now there’s the Bruce Springsteen Eucharist, in which the veteran, New Jersey-rooted working class hero’s songs anchor a Portland, Oregon.

fun games. First: this needs a catchier name than “Bruce Springsteen
Eucharist.” (I like the inevitable “Bosscharist,” though I’ll also
accept “Born to Run Culture-chasing Programming” or “The Ghost of Tom

Second: what band/artist will be the next one used to promote the body and blood of our Lord?

Via John Potter.