Working hard? Or working hard at making hand turkeys?

November 25, 2009

Faith-based editors, like preachers, approach holidays with ambivalence:
there are so many meaningful things to say, yet so few that seem
remotely fresh. One approach is to dramatically vary the tone year to
year. Last Thanksgiving I wrote a personal post about Black Friday, consumerism and the demands of family. This year I’m posting pictures of hand turkeys.

The Century’s
printer pushed last week’s deadline up from Friday to Thursday. So we
did what any self-respecting magazine staff with an abnormally quiet
Friday afternoon would do: gathered in the kitchen with construction
paper, scissors, colored pencils and glue sticks. The result was a wide
variety of strange and festive turkeys.

Dan Richardson, our art
director, was kind enough to select three top turkeys and photograph
them. The first winner he praised for its “slightly frightening beauty”:

This turkey Dan dubbed First in Cool, “with his/her white Kanye shades, his/her Apple sponsorship and his/her androgyny”:

a two-headed turkey that deserves recognition not only for this
uncommon feat but also for its festive feathers and “liberal use of

Happy Thanksgiving.

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