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Hands bending prison bars

If you ask socially dominant students at any major university in the U.S., they will know a story about a young woman who has been rated for her various "abilities" by members of a sporting team on campus. The ratings usually function semiprivately and circulate among the men. Meanwhile, a different little scandal is brewing here at Duke, over another set of numbers that also usually circulate semiprivately among men.
October 12, 2010

A review of God of Liberty

Students of American religious history have long been aware that, at least until re­cently, the field has been riddled with four yawning gaps—eras that cried out for solid synthetic treatments. Those gaps are (in reverse chronological order) religion during the Great Depression, religion and the Civil War, religion during the Revolutionary era and religion during the Great Awakening.
October 7, 2010