On the Cleveland kidnappings

May 9, 2013

Yes. It is horrible that a man held three women and a child captive in his home for years.

Yes. It is almost unbelievable that neighbors, police, and even the captor’s family members knew nothing about this for so long.

Yes. These women and this child need our earnest prayers for the full healing of their bodies and the deep healing of their spirits.

No. The news reporter does not need to ask the police chief four times about the chains and ropes used to bind the women.

No. We do not need to know the details of what is inside that house. Of exactly what the women endured.

This is not an episode of CSI. These are the real lives of real people.

The only people who need to know the intimate details are the actual crime scene investigators, the judge and jury (God help them), and the family, friends, and therapists to whom the women turn for help (God give them strength).

Instead of watching another interview or reading another article about the crime, perhaps our time would be better spent getting to know our neighbors a little better. Listening to the stories of friends who have experienced their own traumas. Sending a card, or even taking a meal, to someone who is suffering right now. Nurturing–and giving thanks for–the children in our lives.

Yes. There is darkness and evil in the world.

No. Our lives are not enriched by wallowing in it.

Originally posted at Spacious Faith.


Response to Evil

Thank you!  I wish we could get the media to understand this!


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