ATMs and cavemen

November 28, 2012

Modern women are ruining all the men/masculinity with their modern womanness! argues Suzanne Venker, in an article that deserves most of the criticism that's been heaped upon it. Venker later insisted she'd been misunderstood, though her explanation is as implausible as it is unhelpful.

Of the many responses to Venker, my favorite so far comes from Nicole Rodgers. Here's a taste:

What’s at issue here is not whether gender relations have changed—everyone agrees on that. Venker wants to assign blame for these changes. The funny thing is, in an essay intended to shame “browbeating” women, she unwittingly indicts the group she set out to defend: Men haven’t changed much because they had no revolution that demanded it.  Bingo.

It’s almost comical that Venker has the nerve to laud men for barely changing over decades while blaming women for their own forward march of progress. 

And another:

Venker thinks men are pissed off because they want so badly to be allowed to “provide for and protect their families.” This would come as a surprise to the many 30- and 40-something men I know who want to be engaged parents and partners, and who would be deeply offended by the notion that their role in life should be that of an ATM or boorish caveman ready to pummel anyone who threatens their family.

Yup, that about covers it.

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