The VIDA numbers

March 7, 2012

Once again, VIDA has tallied the byline gender gap at several magazines. Once again, the Atlantic and the New Yorker did not do well on this test, and Harper's and the New Republic did even worse.

And once again, I counted up the Century's bylines to compare. In 2011, 34 percent of our print articles were written by women. That's slightly higher than in 2010, and considerably higher than the 2011 numbers from the thought-leader publications above. Eagle-eyed readers will notice, however, that 34 is still less than 50.

In short, things are much as they were a year ago. So instead of adding anything I'll just link to my post from then.

Except I'll add this: In the comments to that post, Anon raises the question of female bloggers in the CCblogs network. At present 36 percent of the network blogs are written by women, a number that represents some progress on that front. We're always looking for more bloggers, so please don't hesitate to submit yours for membership or leave a comment here to recommend someone else's.