Have a blog? Want to join the CCblogs network? We're looking for blogs that

    • Are well written.
    • Are authored by one or a couple named, independent bloggers. We aren't looking for organizational blogs or edited webzines, and we can't include anonymous blogs.
    • Consist primarily of original material (not just links to other sources).
    • Do not consist largely of sermon manuscripts (though they may include these).
    • Are theological in nature, though we define that broadly.
    • Fit within the broad category of moderate to progressive mainline Christianity.
    • Include, at a minimum, one post each month for the last six months.


There are advantages to being part of the CCblogs network:

    • Each blog becomes part of an existing traffic stream.


If you would like your blog to be considered for the CCblogs network, send an email to ccblogs@christiancentury.org. Include your blog's address. We'll take a look to see whether it's a good fit for the network.

Note: We review applications within a few months of receiving them. Thank you in advance for your patience.