Tuesday digest

October 25, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • James Harnish on a lawyer's journey to church: "There was no hostility in Larry's question. He had not rejected
    religion; he simply didn't need it. He had moved along the typical path
    of an upwardly mobile professional, his life consumed by work." (subscription required)
  • Carol Howard Merritt on the pastor as writer: "After a couple of years of sweating over each syllable, I suddenly
    needed the words. I hungered to write them. On vacations, my family
    urged me to take a break and I
    became cranky. What happened? How did the words begin to grow like
    that I no longer had to coddle?"
  • Mark Labberton's lectionary column for Sunday, November 6: "I love being free. I especially love autonomous freedom—the delight
    of pursuing and doing what I want. The problem is that autonomous freedom is near the root of what the Bible calls sin." (subscription required)
  • What's the gospel in seven words?


In the news:

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