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August 31, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • Phil Jenkins on varieties of the canon: "When documentaries ex­plore Christianity, they have little
    difficulty finding diverse manifestations of faith and practice. A
    global survey also reveals a surprising diversity when it comes to the
    content of the Bible." (subscription required)
  • Are Rick Perry's religious beliefs just more of the same? "Criticism of Rick Perry's religious beliefs has been dismissed as just the same old secularist
    paranoia. But this misses the significance of the New Apostolic Reformation."
  • On Michelle Bachmann's natural disaster comments: "When people identify some calamity as a warning from God, it
    seems like it's always somebody else who's getting warned."
  • Lil Copan on artwork by Sonja Olson, whose "intention is that these objects be seen not solely as artworks but as remnants of a life." (subscription required)


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