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June 10, 2011

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A major new survey of U.S. opinions about abortion.

Happy tenth birthday to President Bush's tax cuts, a major instrument of inequality.

Bush's cuts haven't accomplished any of the things he said they would.

More on the Bush tax cuts' legacy.

Half of May's new jobs were at McDonald's. Cheap junk food does well when everyone else doesn't.

In better news, an elected official or two has returned to using the word "stimulus" without irony.

The best decision the New York Times has made in a while: bringing on Ta-Nehisi Coates as a guest op-ed writer.

This "daughter test" stuff from Steven Levitt and Ross Douthat would be easier to take seriously if it were a "child test."

Some highlights from Elizabeth Johnson's lengthy reply to the bishops, courtesy of Meghan Murphy-Gill.

Paul Waldman may be right: Michele Bachmann will be a serious candidate for president.

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