Site issues update

October 11, 2010

As a lot of you noticed, our new site's subscriber log-in process wasn't working properly for several days last week. We've located the problem and fixed it, so it's all up and running now—log in to read Miroslav Volf on danger and security, Gary Burge on intolerance in the Muslim world and Clifford Green on Eric Metaxas's new Bonhoeffer biography.

Also, the new site marked the end of anonymous comments on articles—since launch, we've been requiring registration for commenting privileges. But we're taking a half step back: unregistered users can now comment anonymously, but we'll be moderating the comments, so there will be a time lapse before they appear. Logged-in users' comments will continue to post immediately.

Thanks as always for reading.


Subscriber log-in

The log-in still is not working properly.  When one tries to add the free on-line access to an existing print subscription, the site merely reports that the "account already exists" and does not progress further (to any form that would allow one to add the on-line component).  The site continues to list "logged in as non-subscriber" and there seems to be no cogent process for modifying that.

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