Episode 12: Pastor and activist Jacqui Lewis, author of Fierce Love

A conversation with pastor and activist Jacqui Lewis about love and pain, self-love, White nationalism, breaking boundaries, and more  

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Here in the 12th episode of Madang, I converse with Jacqui Lewis, who is an author, activist, preacher, and public theologian who works toward creating an antiracist, just, and fully welcoming society in which everyone has enough. She has an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Psychology and Religion from Drew University (2004). Lewis arrived at Middle Church in January 2004, where she and her spouse, the Reverend John Janka, co-founded The Middle Project and The Revolutionary Love Conference, which trains leaders to create a more just society. In this episode I talk with Lewis about personal stories of love and pain, self-love, what it means to say that God is love, White nationalism, breaking boundaries, her book Fierce Love, and more.