We come to adore

March 25, 2014

for Quinn Brandt, born March 24, 2013

                                                  Maundy Thursday, redbuds frenetic
                 with their magenta boogiewoogie
                                                                a host of white
sleeves the two plums outside
                                                                our window
             the purple
sash                         hung
           on the cross
           in front of
           the Pente-
           costal church
                                                              a cape.
Surely power
of life
any way with train or joker or whathaveyou.
                                                           It is
not comic colors
nor cool cars
                                             we come to adore
                                                                                   but the thrill of
fresh mulch on a March morning
                                             the first strawberry greenly anticipated
the pig’s fat flirting
                                    fangling new the lacy hems of collard, mustard, kale

                                                Quinn Amelia four days old

                                                            some voices gather
for a last supper
for a closer walk
                                   around vowels soft and consonants swift
                                                           Yeshua, Jesus, Lord
thank you for
           this life
                                  again and again and again