Philosophy in Seven Sentences, by Douglas Groothuis

This book will not shatter paradigms or destabilize worldviews. It will make readers think, and sometimes laugh, as they are introduced to (or fondly recall) the thought of Protagoras, Socrates, Aristotle, Augus­tine, Descartes, Pascal, and Kierke­gaard. Groothuis, who teaches philosophy at Denver Seminary, is known as a Christian apologist. Here he en­gages in apologetics of a different sort, arguing (at times in a curmudgeonly way) for the use of logic and precision in philosophical thought. At the same time, he holds up humility as a virtue. “Each person is indeed the measurer of some things. Some of them the individual gets right; some of them the individual gets wrong.” Discerning what Groothuis gets right and what he gets wrong is precisely the kind of philosophical task this book hopes to inspire.