Mark and Empire: Feminist Reflections, by Laurel K. Cobb. Laurel Cobb interprets the Gospel of Mark from the perspective of three decades of work in international public health and social welfare programs. Weaving themes of poverty, health, and justice work through recent scholarship on Mark and empire, she offers a moving and challenging practical theology of discipleship.

The Divine Art of Dying: How to Live Well While Dying, by Karen Speerstra and Herbert Anderson. Longtime friends and colleagues, Karen Speerstra and Herbert Anderson offer a rare glimpse into the journey of someone who intentionally makes a turn toward death and finds abundant life, beauty, gratitude, and most of all love. Filled with stories of Karen’s experience with cancer, personal and theological reflections, pearls of wisdom, and practical direction, this volume provides valuable guideposts for people who choose palliative care and for those who accompany them.

Theological Reflection across Reli­gious Traditions: The Turn to Reflective Believing, by Edward Foley. Catholic theologian Edward Foley probes the complexity of communicating one’s beliefs and practices with honesty and respect. Drawing on models of reflection that have often been engaged without question, he shows their contributions and limitations. Foley’s turn to “reflective believing” poses relevant questions and provides helpful signposts for moving theological conversations forward in faith communities, classrooms, and pastoral relationships.